A Home Away from Home

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What a journey it has been... From something that was just an idea, developed into a plan, tried to execute the plan round one, regrouped, learnt from the mistakes, planned some more, and then with a deep breath, went for it!

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On this third issue, we will be connecting with the purpose of work. We will take a moment to look into showing up at work in an intentional manner that facilitates us to understand ourselves better and in a purpose driven manner.


The reality for most young people in Africa, is that there is the experience of lack of job opportunities for them; Almah Interview Ready sets aside a young woman and prepares her to be intentional about the career trajectory she wants her career to take, as well as be clear on what value she adds to every organization she will work in and all whom she shall interacts with as well.

Read below how Kainembabazi Sabiti, has actualized herself in her career and has not confined herself to only opportunities available within the boundaries of her country and in the process has found fulfillment and a home away from home.

Also, read how Jerry Colonna’s quote challenges the general ideas we have about work by making the firm statement that ‘…..work doesn’t have to destroy us; work can be the means for self-actualization.’ Our work can be the channel that brings us to the realization of our talents.

A Home Away from Home

RS Season 1, Kampala

Packing has never been one of my favorite activities, even when it’s a holiday that I have been looking forward to; it is the one thing that fills me with dread and some anxiety. I still don’t understand why I haven’t conquered this irrational fear of packing because most of my childhood, my family moved to a new country every three or four years. We lived in various countries including Swaziland, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Nigeria. That certainly involved a considerable amount of packing and unpacking many boxes!

In April 2015, my fear of packing reached an all-time high as I had to face the daunting task of packing up the home which I had lived in for nine years in Kampala (Uganda) and move to Nairobi which, though not very far, was still away from family and my familiar routines.

Making the transition from Sales to Marketing was daunting but also very exciting!

I joined my current workplace in April 2007 as Country Manager for Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi based at the Kampala office. As such, I was in charge of commercial activities for those three markets. This was my first management position and a turning point in my career. Previously I had worked for an international airline in Uganda and so the same industry partners I dealt with then were the clients I was handling in the new company.


Work is deemed by many of us as this thing that we must do if we want to eat; if we want our families to eat. We rarely consider that we can enjoy it; the way most of us see it, we just need to get a job, show up for it and NOT GET FIRED! Hopefully you will get to climb the corporate ladder and be boss lady someday or even better, start a side hustle that will eventually be able to make you money as you count it and stop working for the boss.

Even in our plans for our side hustles do we consider that this as a channel that can bring us to Self- actualization, the realization of our talents?

From my experience, being part of The Binafsi team, I am always excited to see the subscriptions coming in every day. It inspires me and shows me how much it would mean for every woman to live a life of inspiration. This self-acknowledgement leaves me looking forward to the contribution I do on each issue. This is what Jerry must have spoken about when work becomes a means of actualizing your gifts and talents to achieve your purpose in life.

A Home Away from Home
The reality for most young people in Africa, is that there is the experience of lack of job opportunities for them; Almah Interview Ready sets aside a young woman and prepares her to be intentional about the career trajectory she wants her career to take. Kainembabazi Sabiti, shares how she actualized herself in her career
Almah Interview Ready is our program that is all about Work Mindsets -: this covers the principles, skills, and ethics expected in the workplace. It is about how we can be effective and present in our positions in any organization as employees or entrepreneurs. It emphasizes how to have a learner and growth mindset, disciplines, and principles of having success and significance in the work place.
The sunny season is almost here with us and fortunately it doesn’t have to keep you indoors in fear of sunburns. Anne Kaesa shares some homemade natural remedies to sunburns.
I use cold natural yogurt on sun burns. I apply on the burnt area for 10 minutes to help my burned skin heal. Below is a simple procedure I use
  • Pick up a cold plain yogurt, (It should have no added flavors)
    - It contains a lot of probiotics that will help restore your skin's natural barrier.
  • Spread gently, a thin layer over your sunburn.
  • Let the yogurt sit for about 10 minutes,
  • Gently dab it off with a cold rag.

That is as simple as it is. Tell us some of your life hacks that we can share with other women on binafsi@alabastron.org . Also, give us feedback on your experiences of the life hacks that have been shared so far.

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