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-Laimani Bidali (Founder Alabastron)

I Had Every Odd Against Me...

Transformation Stories

Alabastron was always on my to do list. I got to learn of the Alabastron 2 Weeks Marathon from the website though I had known about Alabastron for quite some time.

A girl friend of mine who we did Mizizi (a discipleship program) together did the Alabastron Regular and interested me. [...]

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Alabastron 2 Weeks Marathon


What Is Marathon?

It is the opportunity to identify self-defeating patterns and deal with them to live significantly within 2 weeks.

Who is it for?

  • the busy woman,
  • those whose work involve a lot of travel,
  • those in the diaspora and are visiting the country for a short period,
  • One with a sense of urgency to deal with her life.

How does it work?

Daily evening classes 5.30 - 8.30pm from Monday to Friday and Saturdays full day 7am - 8.30pm.

What’s its advantage?

You save on time. In only 2 weeks, you leave with a renewed mind, better focus, and purpose.


This is what the participants of the Alabastron 2 Weeks Marathon had to say after their first week of the process.

  I feel renewed, light, relieved, happy and energetic. For the first time in months, my migraines are gone and I can actually see where I am headed - Naomi Nm 6

  I feel like a shear that was blocking my eyes has been removed and I can now see all the beautiful colors clearly in my life. Now, all the flowers have color - Lily Nm6

  I feel free and happy. Genuinely happy. I have even started talking to colleagues whom I hadn’t realized I wasn’t talking to ( I had actually blocked them out ) - Maria NM6

  For the first time in my life, nothing gets to my nerves not even insults or bad comments about me. I feel so light and happy, and this time it is not a mask. It is coming from deep inside. I am so new - Lyndah NM6

  At first I didn’t think the programme will work. How I know it is working, on Saturday I visited my parents, I haven’t seen or talked to them for a long time on Sunday I sat next to a person I had sworn never to speak to and we had tea, table and laughed together. The anger, the bitterness and the resentment is all gone. - Martha NM6

  I feel like if someone doesn’t peg me to the ground or put stone weights on me I will fly away. I am so light and happy - Makena NM6

  I am now for the first time in three months able to experience God particularly in worship songs. I am now able to pray, something I had quit months ago - Lorraine NM6

  I am now able to be me and do things independently without necessarily involving my parents and my sister. I can finally get on without feeling obligated. - Mukami NM6


Alabastron Renewing Self Packages

Choose which class best suits you!

  • alabastron
  • Weekly Classes taking place either every Friday evening or Saturday morning for 12 weeks

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  • alabastron
  • Class every day Monday to Friday Evening (5:30pm - 8:30pm) with full day on Saturday

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  • One full week off site residential program. Exclusive and private

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  • 12TH SEPT

  • alabastron
  • Alabastron     Marathon  
  • Attend Class every day Monday to Friday Evening (5:30pm - 8:30pm) with full day on Saturdays
  • Registration ongoing
  • FOR MORE INFO CALL: 0719504104
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  • 25TH - 27TH NOV

    Unblock Purpose Retreat (UP)
  • unblock purpose
  • Clear your Life for a Fresh Start
  •  there is no shortcut or secret to living a meaningfully abundant and fulfilling life, and serving at your utmost for your highest purpose. It is a composite of your beliefs, fears you have, your self-image, your thoughts, your actions and habits, as well as how big and great you are willing to play  
  • Come and get coached on how to clear your inner struggles
    2 ½ DAYS away with Laimani
  • FOR MORE INFO CALL: 0719504104
  • (For Our Alumni Only)

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  • 14TH - 18TH NOV

    Princess Princessa Season 8
  • princess princessa
  • Princess Princessa is tailored for girls between
    12 and 18 years.
    Its about developing the GIRLS NEW COOL which leads to the Right Attitudes & Values on their journey to becoming discerning and responsible adults.
  • A holistic 5 day Class Begins On :
    14th - 18th Nov 2016
  • open day
  • FOR MORE INFO CALL: 0719504104

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Alabastron Network Trust is an organization that is committed to equipping women to identify their self-defeating patterns and deal with them in order to live significantly.

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