I Have Come To A Place Of Beauty And Peace!

- by Sylvia Kangwana

Transformation Stories

Who goes on live TV to air their dirty linen?! That was the question on my mind when I heard Laimani speaking on TV about My Unspoken. I was very curious about which woman would go on such a show! We all have issues but sharing them on TV!!! That was a definite NO for me!

That was my first encounter with Alabastron many years ago. I had confused My Unspoken TV Show for Alabastron. Alabastron is a safe, private space for women where they can move from stuck to significance.

Despite achieving everything society expected me to achieve at my age, I was not happy. I had been divorced for about two years and I seemed not to be able to move from that space! I was stuck! Life did not make sense anymore. I felt like a failure!

I heard about it again from my aunt Beatrice, who was a guide at Alabastron for many years. She got my curiosity rekindled. She made me come for two open days before I was ready to commit to the program! She told me it would help me prioritize my life and help me get my identity back. At that point all I thought was Alabastron was a place for "older women with problems”. [...]


Alabastron Led Me to Marriage!

- by Hellen Gitonga

Transformation Stories

Why on earth would she be calling me? After all we had fallen out! In 2012, a friend whom we had fallen out with called and asked to visit. I was surprised as we had not spoken for years. She came and we spent an evening together. I observed that she had really changed! There was calmness around her and even though we didn’t discuss the issues that led to our fall-out, we talked about past years and as she left, I asked her, “What happened to you?” she said, “I went for a course. I would recommend it to you. It is transformational! Look up Alabastron on Google.” And that was it!

I went to the Alabastron Network Trust website out of curiosity. By the end of the following day, I had googled, and signed up for the Alabastron Renewing Self Program. At that point I was single and very active in church but I had lots of anger and bitterness with my mum, big sister and some friends. [...]



Time to show up for yourself

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For college girls, parents, guardians and all who cares about their future, respectively.

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Alabastron Network Trust is an organization that is committed to equipping women to identify their self-defeating patterns and deal with them in order to live significantly.

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