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About Us

We are guiding women into healing their emotional wounds and getting out of self defeating life patterns that prevent them from living purposeful and significant lives.

There is an increasing demand for emotional wellness and restoration.

We offer coaching programs whose aim is to restore the woman’s wellness.

The programs take the woman on a soul searching mission to help her identify where she could have lost herself, where she could have hurt, helping her spew out all her bitterness, resentment, anger and areas of unforgiveness. She is then coached on developing a healthy self-esteem and defining and communicating healthy boundaries.


Because there is nothing like a woman who is free in Christ.

  • Her beauty is breathtaking
  • Her power is indescribable
  • Her potential is unlimited

Bottom line

A woman set free by Christ has great capacity for healing and reconciling her purpose, family, and society back to God.


Equipping women in identifying & overcoming self defeating patterns and live significantly.
This mandate is embedded in Romans 12:2


At society level, our work is influencing these three needs

  1. The role of women in restoring and raising the quality of life experience for themselves, families and society.
  2. The need to address the alarming rate of family dysfunctionality, breakdown and break up.
  3. Bequeathing Truths, values and principles to the next generation of women so they can thrive


To create a network of women in Africa and the world who are committed to continuously improve the quality of life experience for themselves, their families and society.

This vision is dubbed Sisterhood Udada.

Founder and Lead Coach Alabastron

My name is Laimani Bidali. I am a clarity and IN-Powerment expert. I work with women who are restless for transition and want to move from a comfort zone into a greater zone. I equip them with a step by step system that helps them overcome fear, insecurities, self doubt and self limitation.

This enables them to get clarity, grow in confidence and courage to step out and step up into enjoying living out their purpose fruitfully.

I have coached more than 5000 women, reached over 13,000 via live events and millions via my television program My Unspoken, and other media appearances including Citizen Tv, NTV, KTN, K24, Kiss Fm, Hot96, The Daily Nation, True Love Magazine and The Edition magazine

Women who have worked with me have said they stepped out of their comfort zone, stepped up into a greater zone by taking a promotion at work, switching jobs or redefining their businesses. They are now making more meaningful money, enjoying the freedom to express more of who they are (in life and business) and have inner fulfilment and joy!

I believe that these testimonies can become the narrative for Women in Africa as they step up to play the greater game!

Some quotes from Laimani Bidali

See if there is something to resonate with.

  Anyway, for me I just realized I have too much life to live! There is so much to do, and all of a sudden there is very little time. Honestly, where has all the time gone? You know when I was in my early teens and early twenties, I really used to look forward to my birthdays; but now, well...shall I just say my birthdays seem to look forward to me so they can tease me about what I should have done by now.

  Women who were hiding behind the knowledge of the latest fads removed their masks and opened up! They began to talk about their struggles with low self-esteem, damaged emotions and abusive relationships. And as every woman spoke, I began to see a pattern of issues. Issues that affected every woman, whether she was twenty five or fifty five. Issues that caused us as women stress, sleepless nights, loss of self and for some, depression.

  You see, most of us are healed by Christ but then we go back to the same patterns that have caused us pain in the first place. Let me break it down. The doctor says, “You will lose wait if you eat less junk food and exercise more. “ Then you go home happy and resolve to do exactly that. Then before cock crow you are back to your pattern which is to eat more junk food more often and exercise less. Tell me, how will you transform your body? No matter how many visits you make to the doctor’s, the cycle of defeat will repeat itself.

  Renewing Self is a coaching process. This means that it is a guiding process rather than a teaching process. In coaching, the coach instructs and guides, the coachee does the work. In coaching you unlearn the ‘bad’ habits and develop the discipline that helps you achieve your goals and remain on track. In teaching you learn and collect new information. In coaching, character and life transformation is the ultimate goal, while in teaching, information recall is the ultimate.


About Us

Alabastron Network Trust is an organization that is committed to equipping women to identify their self-defeating patterns and deal with them in order to live significantly.

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