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Did you know that the practice of a healthy skepticism of your own thoughts is one of the ways in which you can lead a healthy lifestyle?

BINAFSI provides you an opportunity to take note of your thinking process so that you are able to monitor yourself and have an increased sense of self-awareness. This kind of process enables you to cultivate a healthy brain and hence a healthy life.

Our thoughts control our reality as they become words then actions and eventually our destiny. To change your destiny you need to cultivate a mindset that we are hoping to be the reality of our lives.

Navigating our thoughts though an exercise that seems easy, if guided produces the best results for an individual. Here are a few tips to use during your BINAFSI time.

  1. Have a small note book to note down what you have learnt
  2. Have moment when you note down some of the pointers you are most connecting with the content.
  3. Take some moments and analyze the thoughts you have during this moment.

Also, learn how Esther has healed from pain and is now experiencing peace from self-awareness on the next section, learn an amazing life hack to try out on Teach us something and get an introspective moment on Get this.

Move from Pain to Inner Peace


We are products of the societies that brought us up. These societies shape what we belief and the perspective we have for what is right or wrong, normal or abnormal, good or bad. However, living life to please other people, robs us off the joy of living a life where we make decisions based on what is right for us. Esther (not her real name) shares her story on the cost of living life to please other people.

I always believed education would liberate me to achieve all my dreams in life. So, when given an opportunity I poured myself to it and succeeded. I graduated with a first class honors degree in campus. Consequently, I received a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree!! It was fulfilling!!

I always believed education would liberate me to achieve all my dreams in life. So, when given an opportunity I poured myself to it and succeeded.

You can imagine what this meant for me. I would take an opportunity to grow in my education with the seriousness it deserves. These kinds of opportunities were like tickets from a life I never wanted to live to a life of my dreams. I would do anything necessary as long as it would grant me the life I had always dreamt of. My passion to get an education was greatly driven by this motive.


Dr. Caroline Leaf an international expert in mental health shows that suppressed emotional pain doesn’t disappear; it can turn into lingering physical pain. In Alabastron we believe that our bodies are not good secret keepers of the issues we face in life. The suppressed emotions always find a way to manifest as different diseases. Thusly, Alabastron provides a safe space for women to come and let go of anger, resentment, jealous, pain, rejection, heart ache and brokenness. This is the place for all broken women to grow and rise into their significance in life.

Alabastron offers all women an opportunity to process emotional pain so that they experience life in a way that is impactful and purpose in the society. Now that’s something to ponder on and consider once you have exercise a healthy skepticism of your own thoughts.

Move from Pain to Inner Peace
I was always full of hope that life would definitely turn out better for me. Soon after I graduated, I got married. This is a decision that has costed me more that I was willing to pay. I remember the first time I faced physical abuse from my husband just like it was yesterday. At work, I would be the happiest, the funniest yet the previous night. Esther shares
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On Teach Us Something today, we learn how to maintain avoid smelly hands after cooking fish.
So, ladies are you ready for this hack? Well it is easy and natural, once you’ve cooked or eaten fish; it is advisable to wash your hands using lemon so that the smell is off your hands.
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