Where women feel SAFE, get REAL for REAL, are not JUDGED, rise above VICTIMIZING experiences, find HEALING of the SOUL, get CLARITY about their lives, find their AUTHENTIC self, find WHOLENESS and FREEDOM, let go SHAME, move from REGRETS to HOPE, connects with God in a real way


Alabastron Renewing Self


There is nothing like a woman who is free in Christ.

  • Her beauty is breathtaking
  • Her power is indescribable
  • Her potential is unlimited

This is the destiny Alabastron perceives for EVERY WOMAN when it envisions a Continent where women live life significantly And authentically. Alabastron is offering EVERY woman an opportunity To BECOME a woman who is FREE in Christ.

Through, the 12- weeks guided process where we take You through a journey of exploring your own life And look inwards to examine some of the self- tripping Habits, thoughts, believes that keep you in cycles that Make you stuck when showing up as a colleague, boss, Friend, acquaintance, partner, wife, mother, daughter, auntie, Niece or granddaughter

We coach you by equipping you with life tools
That will enable you BECOME the woman you know
You are capable of BECOMING.
Say YES to your BECOMING by enrolling for Alabastron Renewing Self program IN SEASON 49!!

Transformation Stories

What Women Who Have Done Alabastron Have to Say

How Changing My Perspective in Life Influenced My Direction

-Story By C.W.N

Hi, you can call me CWN. I am at that stage in life where I feel I had started panicking about not finding anyone I felt I could get seriously involved with. Finding that partner to do life and love with seemed all so elusive. I was disillusioned and reeling from the hurt of past romantic involvements, that to me seemed held the promise of a future, but I soon found out how mistaken I was. One thing to know about me, is that I love with all my heart, infact some would say I love too intensely and that I trust too blindly. I had been sharing these experiences with my dear friend SN. SN had been through the Alabastron Renewing Self programme. I told her how lonely I felt and how unfruitful the search for love had been so far. I felt that at 37 years of age, I wanted to share the rest of my life with somebody special. As I introspected about my love life, I also realized that I was actually discontented about many aspects of my life. Between the hurt and the disillusionment, I really was not sure what to do. In talking to my friend, SN, she told me about Alabastron Network Trust’s programme Renewing Self. I had come across Alabastron in passing on social media, but learning that my dear friend had walked the journey, helped me gain a better understanding about the ministry and convinced me to participate. I am so glad I did. [...]


Voices of Significance

Real Take Outs from Real Women

Tina Owuor

Alabastron Marathon Sn #16
I struggled with my worth; Alabastron opened my eyes to see my self-defeating patterns. I am more self-aware
Before Alabastron I felt frustrated and betrayed! After Alabastron, I found the clarity I needed. I am more enlightened to see the root cause of the patterns I was stuck in

Grace Wakio

Alabastron Sn #38


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