I Came in Skeptical About the Online Session, I Have Left Having Narrowed Down to What's Important

- by Mercy Nderitu

Transformation Stories

Since the pandemic began, we have ensured that the restorations of women’s significance through emotional wellness continues to happen. This is achieved through the available online channels that we’ve engaged with even while maintaining the excellence, dedication and commitment we offered to our clients during the physical classes.

Most of this year’s seasons of our flagship program, Renewing, has happened online. Whilst, it is practical to compare the two experiences and assume that the experience is of a higher value in the physical sessions, our commitment to women & girls weighs heavily when it comes to our consumer’s experience.

Our online sessions are carried out with the highest quality of standard that can be attained though the unique coaching techniques our coaches apply. Also, the team that enables the smooth running of class is always ready to help in case of anything as technology’s faulty nature is above human control.

Mercy Nderitu’s story shows how the value of our sessions remains whether physical or online. Why we do the way we do them such that online or physical our interaction with each woman or girl is transformative and excellent. Read through her story to learn how her experience of reviewing and renewing her own self has led her to thrive in life. [...]


I Am Ready to Conquer Mountains and Take Hold of My Life

- by Lydia Chui

Transformation Stories

Alabastron’s commitment to women is that they are able to find answers from within that are driven from an authentic, self-conscious and self-aware perspective. The testimonies of these women differ from each experience because every woman’s journey is personal and unique. Lydia, shares her experience of the Renewing Self Journey and this is what she shared.

I am in RS Season 43 and I am very happy to be writing down this email and share my experience over the last couple of weeks walking in this journey. I had taken the time to write to Laimani before sometime at the beginning of last month as she had urged us in the RS manual to do. I will reiterate here some of the things I already shared with her.

First of all, mine is to really and sincerely thank you for putting this gem that is Alabastron program out there for women. I cannot believe that I did not come here any sooner. Nothing and no one from the people around me that went through the course could have prepared me for the truth and revelation that is contained in this journey. I was searching for answers and feeling very stuck in life. I started to shop around for a personal coach, a course, sermons, motivational books, anything that could jump start me and then God led my feet here. Even though it is an online group program I feel that it has been delivered in a very personal way, with a lot of professionalism, truthfulness and genuine care for the wellbeing of all the participants. [...]


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