I Rewrote My Plan to Become Free and at Peace with Myself!

- by Cynthia Ngaira

Transformation Stories

All my life I didn’t want to accept that indeed I needed help and that It’s okay to ask for help; but in August 2019, my life hit rock bottom. I was a post 2months suicide survivor (had attempted suicide in June), was clinically depressed, dependent on sleeping pills and anti-depressants and to make matters worse my close to 5years relationship ended.

I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained and broken, I constantly had mental breakdowns and my anxiety was at its peak. My relationship with my dad was unhealthy and it was affecting all my other relationships especially with the man I had in my life then. I was holding onto my mum’s death for 16years.

I tried everything to fix my situation. From therapy, I switched from one therapist to another, to meditation; it didn’t work because I couldn’t bring myself to be still and focus for more than 5minutes, to talking to friends and close family members which didn’t help either. At some point I didn’t even know or understand what was going on in my life, I really didn’t have the right words to explain my problem. All I longed for was peace, inner peace and inner healing. But when they all didn’t work out for me, it left me feeling more broken, exhausted and tired of life. I gave up and thought that probably it was my destiny to succumb to depression, and I was patiently waiting for my death! [...]


I Am Progressively Improving on Myself to Redefine Myself!

- by Kageni

Transformation Stories

Have you found yourself with the same results over and over again? Deep down you know something isn't right yet you cannot put a finger on it? Are you tired of being in the patterns? Alabastron has helped me understand myself and progressively work on my issues.

A few years back, I was in a relationship which deep inside me even before entering the relationship and during it, I knew I should not have been in there. After the relationship ended, I told myself that I will not get into another relationship until I figure out what took me into that relationship in the first place. I first started with my body. I started working out because I felt I was physically unattractive in an attempt to boost my esteem. But inside, I still felt like there was no exercise I could do.

I heard about Alabastron from my sister.
Every time I called her and told her about something that was going on in my life, she would always answered, "You need to do Alabastron."

At the time, I wondered what was this that she felt would impact so many aspects of my life. To be honest, I did Alabastron to quiet her and get her off my back. I always say I arrived at Alabastron bleeding from so many places and it is a hard thing to say so because I had a good job, very good friends, family but inside I was wondering how is it I had ticked so many boxes and yet I was still unhappy. [...]


Time to show up for yourself

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