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How I Dealt With My Anxiety and Healed

By Beverly Nyambeki - Season #50

Imagine being in a leadership position and your major role involves making presentations to different audiences but every time you stand get on stage this is what is going through your mind; ‘You’ll mess this up like you always do!’, ‘You shouldn’t be the one addressing these people!’, ‘Mary would do a better job at this than you!’ This was me before I did Alabastron.

To give you a little backstory, these voices hadn’t started in my adult life. I had always been unsure about myself in different areas from way back in my childhood. And you see the thing about these voices is that I believed them; despite most of them being negative; as a result, I found myself overly compensating in everything. I would feel the need to do and give my friends anything they ask for to please them; which would leave me drained [...]


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