How Women Rise from Ashes to Beauty

Dear a soul searching for IT,

How long have you been searching for IT?

Is it since you joined high school? Is it when you graduated from campus? Is it when you got married? Is it when you became a mother? When was it?

What have you been searching for? If IT would appear in front of you, would you really know IT?

Dou you know how it looks like? Do you know how it looks like?

I am familiar with the race and chase for IT. I know this search very well. I have searched for IT in all places I thought this treasure is hidden. But it left my heart aching, my spirit broken, my life trapped in a never-ending chase and my soul crushed.

alabastron open day

I know where it hurts the most when you seem to never to fulfill this longing as your efforts don’t seem to bear any fruit. It is frustration!! The search is meant to make us be enough women, the approved standard of a wife and the celebrated mother to our children.

I searched and searched; always telling myself that I am strong enough to get IT and breaking through the ribbon of the race for and achieve IT. Until I came face to face with what I was actually searching for.

So then, soul searching for IT.

Do you know what you are actually looking for? Would you acknowledge to yourself in that moment when you actually find IT that ‘this is it’?

Take a breath and take a moment because the search is over!! Join me and other women who have risen above the search and found IT at the Alabastron Open Day.

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voices of significance

A Crown of Wholeness!!

Have you ever been caught up with the usual activities in your life? You know, getting up, bathing, getting dressed, preparing the children, and then showing up at work because you have to! Well, that was me doing life beaten up; sinking every moment yet constantly smiling telling myself everything is ok until I did Alabastron.

One normal morning, late last year after arriving at work, my boss who is also a friend mentioned Alabastron to me. God surely bless her soul!!

“I think you need Alabastron.” Trizah said.

I honestly did not hear her well, I heard something like Alabaster. I didn’t care!! Later on, I grew interest and searched for the organization on internet. I researched everything I could get a hold of. Social media, the website and even You Tube. I resolved to attend the Alabastron Open Day then broke the news to Trizah. [...]

  • Eva Kimani

    Alabastron Season 39

    I honestly, didn’t know I was suppressing anger and un-forgiveness in my life. I was living life upset without my knowledge that I was angry. My Alabastron journey taught me that forgiveness is to set myself FREE

  • Daina

    Alabastron Season 39

    Through Alabastron journey I was able to break my silence. For the first time in my life I spoke my truth without fear and judgment. I have broken free from the guilt of the skeletons in my closet and moved forward in life.

  • Grace Wakio

    Alabastron Season 38

    Before Alabastron I felt frustrated and betrayed! After Alabastron, I found the clarity I needed. I am more enlightened to see the root cause of the patterns I was stuck in


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