I Am in Pursuit of a Limitless Life!!

- by Ivy Mkahe

Transformation Stories

What would you do if a relationship you had depended on for a decade ended? How would you deal with a situation that tests your limits? At Alabastron I faced myself and how I had been living life and now I am in pursuit of living a limitless life.

I had known about Alabastron years ago when my aunt did Renewing Self season 3. I was quite young then and didn't think much about it. Years later I mentioned it to a good friend of mine. She went ahead and did it. She would prompt me to take the program, but I always had an excuse not to. Deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to do it, but it took me awhile to make the step. I admired the peace Mwende had, and having hit rock bottom, I decided to give it a shot. Furthermore, Mwende believed it would help me and that's all it took. God bless her soul!!

Recently I was lost. I was battling an autoimmune condition (Fibromyalgia), and just ended a 10 year relationship. I felt like I was broken physically, mentally and emotionally and there wasn't anything I could do. With my health deteriorating and my heart broken, I had lost all zeal for life and merely existed. Honestly, I was just SO TIRED!! Ouch! [...]


A Crown of Clarity and Inner Peace

- by Anne Kaesa

Transformation Stories

I leant about Alabastron from my internship. It did not make sense for me because I thought it was for women with issues. I thought that my issues were minor. Through the program, I began opening up as the process you get to meet with the deepest self of your entire existence. This sharing gave me a sense of calm and I would feel safe.

I began having the confidence to open up about issues that hurt me. My relationship with my mother was strenuous as she would share intimate matters in regard to my father that I felt drained. However she would always tell me that I am a firstborn hence I will have to endure what she was sharing with me. It left me feeling violated, helpless and disturbed. These words I had been hearing since my childhood.

“You are a firstborn. You must mature so that your siblings have someone to look up to.”

These words forced me to always live up to standards and life perspective of other people in my life. I would end up feeling powerless and timid. This would show up in how I was working even on tasks on my area of competence. I was always defensive when receiving feedback with an intention to prove the other person wrong. I would lose my voice in some instances hence I was not able to speak out my opinions and ideas. [...]



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For college girls, parents, guardians and all who cares about their future, respectively.

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