Let Every Woman Strip! Look Better Naked!


Wema, (not her real name) grew up full of life, hope and anticipating to encounter the good future that awaited her.

“If you get good grades, obey us and graduate; you will find a well-paying job and an amazing man to marry you.” her parent’s advised her as she joined campus.

Wema was a girl on fire. She achieved successfully everything she set her mind and strength to. She emerged amongst the top students in her class. The university recommended her to work with an international company. Following her excellent growth she moved up the corporate ladder. There was one thing remaining. Her Mr.Right.

Then one day (that's a story for another day ), she met the man of her dreams. Not the tall, dark and handsome type...but the polished, focused, nice cologne type!

This man pursued her like a cheetah at its prime after prey. He ticked all her boxes of a perfect man. He treated her like a queen. Finally, she had met THE one.

One month towards the wedding day, she noted she was feeling sickly. After meeting with the doctor, she discovered she was pregnant. She was in shock. What will I tell everyone? She wondered! After all she was the perfect role model! "Dear Lord! Could there be a mistake in the results? How accurate are those tests anyway? After-all wasn't being engaged as good as married? So what would God be embarrassing her for?!" She thought out loud!

She called Mr. Right and shared the good- bad news! Unsure how to classify these news, she cried out "Jesus ! Wasn't a baby good news? How many couples couldn't have kids? So why was she feeling mixed emotions about something so wonderful?"

There was a long pregnant pose on his end, then finding his voice he promised," Oh! Wema, are you sure? I don't know to say. But don’t worry I will marry you and take care of our child.” Wema exhaled......

Little did she know that these were the last words he would ever say to her.

Days were long, months even longer but the years were short. She resorted into drinking. She vowed never to give her heart again. She swore to hurt men before they would hurt her. She covered her sad face with makeup. She created her happiness by shopping and travelling. These ‘clothes’ numbed her heartache.

But after those moments, the pain would hit her in higher intensities. Some like volcano that erupted and spewed hot scalding lava to those around her, especially to her child, and sometimes she became as cold as ice that could freeze anyone who dared to reach out to her.

This ate her away than she could endure;

One day! Wema decided Enough!!

She resolved to look inwards She believed she would discern where she came from and arrive at how she got to the condition she was in.


She stripped shame, she stripped anger, she stripped pain, she stripped bitterness, she stripped unforgiveness, she stripped jealous, and she stripped envy.

Afterwards she inhaled with the freedom and peace that comes with walking away, STRIPPING away anything that was not good for her. In Wema’s own words:

Let Every Woman Strip! Look Better Naked!

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Lets Strip! and Look Better!

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