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Rewrite Your Life Plan

Lucy is always anxious about what’s next since the pandemic started. She wonders if life will get to normalcy because she believes she is trapped in the uncertainty of what the future holds.

Ask Nancy how she’s fairing thus far and what follows is how she has given up on this year but her life is hanging on the hope of if the pandemic will end; then she’ll be ready to achieve each plan she had set to achieve in 2020.

Bancy is always listening to motivational speakers, attending webinars on how to be emotionally strong and habitually shares videos and flyers on the same to all the groups she’s in online because she wants to become an inspiration to her friends as she inspires herself during the pandemic.

Whether we know it consciously or not, we all have a connection with the life experience we have individually. This is because we are souls who are experiencing life through the human body. Our souls interpret these experiences differently just as we have either conditioned them to or we've allowed ourselves to be conditioned.

Just like an author writes stories from a fresh start, introducing characters in different chapters but with a main character, so are we in our lives. This is our inherent power in the stories of our lives, we get to be the main characters, so we get to choose how we experience life. You can be a victim whereby things happen to you or you get to decide how you experience things as they unfold like a victor and Re-write your life plan.

The common thread in the lives of Lucy, Nancy and Bancy is that each of them are not proactive in their own lives. They are all hopeful but not active on this hope they are holding to.

Alabastron Network Trust through a guided process for 12 weeks helps you understand your abilities, values and boundaries. It helps you heal from pain that you have experienced in different areas of your life. This process renews your soul and gives you the power to see yourself as the creator of your own life experience who can rewrite the life plan so that you are able to continuously improve it making you tap into your own life that is significant to you, your family and society.


Re-write your life plan!

Renewing Self™ CLASS Kit

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*IMPORTANT NOTE: These program costs are only for the ONLINE program during the COVID-19 measures. Once physical learning gatherings are permitted, the program fees will be revised to include venues and other administrative logistics.

The Inner State Of Women In Kenya

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic
-Statement By Alabastron Network Trust

The immediate effects of the impact of COVID 19 pandemic have been felt first hand by women and girls. A UN policy brief on the impact of Covid 19 on women, indicates that there has been an increase gender-based violence cases and teenage pregnancies.

According to the government statics, the ratio of men dying from the virus is higher than women. This would result in economic and social insecurity for women and children. Reduced or loss of income as a result of retrenchments and closure of businesses, has only exacerbated the problem.

Six months ago, the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Kenya. In the last three months, the effects of the virus on the country’s economic, social, health and political pillars has been unprecedented.

School children have been sent home, some workers have lost their jobs or been sent home on indefinite unpaid leave. The Government swiftly put in place measures to restrict movements both within the country and internationally and enforced social distancing in an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. [...]

Alabastron Network Trust

I Rewrote My Plan to Become Free and at Peace with Myself!

All my life I didn’t want to accept that indeed I needed help and that It’s okay to ask for help; but in August 2019, my life hit rock bottom. I was a post 2months suicide survivor (had attempted suicide in June), was clinically depressed, dependent on sleeping pills and anti-depressants and to make matters worse my close to 5years relationship ended.

I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained and broken, I constantly had mental breakdowns and my anxiety was at its peak.   I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained and broken, I constantly had mental breakdowns and my anxiety was at its peak. My relationship with my dad was unhealthy and it was affecting all my other relationships especially with the man I had in my life then. I was holding onto my mum’s death for 16years.

I tried everything to fix my situation. From therapy, I switched from one therapist to another, to meditation; it didn’t work because I couldn’t bring myself to be still and focus for more than 5minutes, to talking to friends and close family members which didn’t help either. At some point I didn’t even know or understand what was going on in my life, I really didn’t have the right words to explain my problem. All I longed for was peace, inner peace and inner healing. But when they all didn’t work out for me, it left me feeling more broken, exhausted and tired of life. I gave up and thought that probably it was my destiny to succumb to depression, and I was patiently waiting for my death!

This is when I decided to contact Alabastron, since I felt that I had nothing more to lose, why not sign up for the program? I first heard about Alabastron years ago from my step mother who had done the program. I was in high school then and didn’t give it much thought. I heard about the program again after a couple of years from my Aunt. It was at my brother’s birthday party and as we were having a conversation, she told me to pick up my phone and google Renewing Self which led me to Alabastron Network Trust. I began to read more from the website, and I could totally relate to some of them. She told me to plan my schedule and see how I can attend the classes then get back to her, and I shouldn’t worry about the cost.

  My Alabastron journey helped me to identify the unhealthy feelings I was carrying all my life, taught me how to identify the root cause of these feelings and equipped me with tools on how to deal with them. My Alabastron journey helped me to identify the unhealthy feelings I was carrying all my life, taught me how to identify the root cause of these feelings and equipped me with tools on how to deal with them. I learnt how to forgive myself, my loved ones and even God, yes you had me right…to forgive My God. I must admit it wasn’t an easy journey, my journey was full of tears…yikes. I at times joke that I cried all my tears during my season and I have no tears left in me. I always had my end goal in mind…To be FREE AND AT PEACE WITH MYSELF AND MAKE PEACE WITH MY PAST [...]

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Rewrite Your life Plan

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