I am at Peace Knowing That I am Not Perfect
BY GRACE WANJIKU (Alabastron Season 36)
    Growing up we all had varying dreams. We hoped to achieve these dreams badly so that we would be significant. I am speaking about the dream of getting an excellent grade to get into a great high school, then get an outstanding grade to go to campus, afterwards get an amazing job which is followed by getting married and living happily ever after! The society dangled this carrot in our face for acceptance and approval. Predictably, just like a hungry helpless rabbit, we did everything we could to get the carrot. I tirelessly worked to please the society by ticking all these goals so that I could be perfect for the society yet I felt hate towards the same people and disgust towards myself. Alabastron made me connect with the peace that comes with knowing I am not perfect.
I first heard about Alabastron from a colleague at work. Later, I skimmed through the website and I wanted in. So, I signed up for Season 36 that had already began at the time.

“I found peace,” my colleague assured me.

I hopped into the class blank, clueless, and unprepared. I was bitter towards life and people in my life. I was drowning with the feelings of I am not Good Enough in my work, relationships and even school. The after effects were evident in my performance. [...]


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