My Journey to Freedom and Confidence

- by Caroline

Transformation Stories

My name is Caroline. I am a lecturer at a Kenyan University. I am a born-again Christian and I fellowship at one of the mainstream churches in Nairobi.

A dear friend of mine, Nancy introduced me to the Alabastron Renewing Self Programme. Nancy described the programme as a welcoming and non-judgemental space, where my voice counted and I would be heard.

At the time, I was dealing with the trauma of having been abandoned by my husband for another woman. I just wanted someone who would listen to me, reassure me and let me know that there is nothing wrong with me. She also said that the programme would equip and help guide me back to finding myself. Additionally, the programme would help me get more firmly anchored in the word of God through its unique and interactive coaching style. [...]


Spa for the Soul

- by Article

Transformation Stories

When was the last time you visited a spa? Take a moment to recall that feeling of rejuvenation, renewal and refreshment. You savour the luxurious scent of the chosen fragrances used for your selected treatment. You are floating, glowing!

Getting to this feeling of weightlessness was a journey, though. You had to choose a treatment, for example, Deep Tissue Massage. As the treatment starts, there is that initial luxurious feeling as the warm oil is spread over your skin. The masseuse’s hands glide slowly over your body, reaching the warm heating oils to your extremities, to initially relax and settle you into the massage bed. You think to yourself, “aahhh!”

Somewhere, between the pleasure, the intensity subtly changes, you are not comfortable neither are you in pain. The masseuses’ hands are firm on your skin, digging a little more firmly into your muscles. A different feeling forms; one of release and relaxation. Soon these sensations envelope you, your muscles yield to the new situation. You start to settle back into the massage bed again and a peaceful smile returns to your face. [...]


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Alabastron Network Trust is an organization that is committed to equipping women to identify their self-defeating patterns and deal with them in order to live significantly.

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