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Hi there Amazing Woman!

Yes, you.

The season we are living in has thrown at us different things. Some we felt were too much and maybe some we lived through. Generally, life by itself is a pack of many experiences and lessons. It offers us an opportunity to choose what we want with the experiences it has in store for us.

No matter your experience in life, here in Alabastron, we believe the future holds better days. More so, for the women who know how to set themselves up for the better times that lie ahead.

Over the last one decade more than 10,000 women testify to our work. These women through the flagship coaching program, Renewing Self, have found freedom, inspiration, growth and significance. We have open events where we indulge all women, to enable them ask us questions. Please book a slot from the options below.


alabastron open day

A Bold Shift to Heal From Anger and Embrace Peace

Life throws many things at everyone. Sometimes you are in rhythm with life like a river accurately meandering on its riverbanks. Other times you are barely grasping for air as you drown. It is during these moments that we can easily get engulfed into the motions. Anger is one of the most common emotions we feel intensely. This is because we feel that we lack of control on everything; not knowing what to look forward to. Thereby, anger can easily become a norm.

How then should a woman facing life's unpredictable situations without holding on to anger? Patricia shared how she has embraced peace and returned back to her rightful position in her life below.

I came to know about Alabastron through Facebook. At the time, I was in a bad shape emotionally. I was totally drained and my life had no purpose. I was living life dead! I scrolled through the comments on the post and I knew this is a place I want to be. I attended the open day and I made a decision to join the Renewing Self Program. The best decision I ever made in my life.

I was angry at life. I had failed relationships, betrayed by people I thought were my friends, and to top it up I had a failed business through a trusted employee. This made me bitter and resentful. I picked fights with everyone. I resulted to neglecting myself because I felt I didn't deserve anything or anyone worthy in my life. I ended up an alcoholic. [...]


How does this program look like?

The program has four steps which include:

  • Taking a self-audit of your life

  • Acknowledging and Realizing emotional and mental patterns that keep her stuck

  • Being Coached on how to break from these patterns

  • Understanding and identifying her values so that she understands her true self-worth to enable her develop healthy boundaries within her relationships in life.

alabastron open day

Choose your RenewingSelf Package

Individual Package

This package is for EVERY amazing woman who longs to choose better days for herself, family and society. The program runs for 12 sessions EVERY Friday at 8:00pm. To purchase the program, fill the form below.

Renewing Self™ CLASS Kit

Ksh 3500 /

  • Buy Renewing Self™ Class Kit
    (Engagement and Manual)

(please arrange/pay for courier services to collect your manual)

To buy, Pay via Mpesa Paybill number 928300 ... Account (your name RS46) ...enter amount and send.
For any assistance call 0719504104 or 0715966700 or 0717304120

*IMPORTANT NOTE: These program costs are only for the ONLINE program during the COVID-19 measures. Once physical learning gatherings are permitted, the program fees will be revised to include venues and other administrative logistics.

Corporate Package

Corporate Exclusive

The Alabastron Exclusive Corporate Package is tailor-made for any organization that seeks to become a conducive environment that is healthy enough to nurture the diversity of its human capacity, especially women. This is so as an emotionally healthy woman will show up in a role in a wholesome and productive way. Generally, the corporate women who have taken our Alabstron Course have reported better performance, better attitude, healthier relationships with bosses, colleagues and clients. Most have indeed intimated to us that they were promoted!

This is because she is able to overcome some of the challenges women face:

Managing conflicts with colleagues without taking it personally

Overcoming self-limiting belief s and stigma about success in relation to women

Practicing assertive communication and handling feedback

Alabastron enables organizations to overcome these challenges by equipping women with practical tools and knowledge on how to:

  • 1. Become self-managing and self-acting individuals.
  • 2. Understand and accommodate different temperaments of people which increases teamwork.
  • 3. Increase in self-awareness leads to increased creativity and engagement in meetings.

To get this package, engage with us by filling the form below.

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