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Hi there Amazing Women!
Yes you.

The season we are living in has thrown at us different things. Some we felt were too much and maybe some we lived through. Generally, life by itself is a pack of many experiences and lessons. It offers us an opportunity to choose what we want with the experiences it has in store for us.

No matter your experience in life, here in Alabastron, we believe the future holds better days. More so, for the women who knows how to set themselves up for the better times that lie ahead.

Over the last one decade more than 10,000 women testify to our work. These women through the flagship coaching program, Renewing Self, have found freedom, inspiration, growth and significance. We have open events where we indulge all women, to enable them ask us questions. Please book a slot from the options below:

Renewing Self

This is our coaching program offered virtually on Zoom.

Engagement Period: 13 weeks covering 15 sessions
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 8:00pm- 10:00pm
Financial Commitment: Ksh. 25,000

Renewing Self

This is the coaching program offered physically.

Engagement Period: 12 weeks covering 12 sessions
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 8:00am- 10:00am
Financial Commitment: Ksh. 47,000

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