We have been in existence for 14 years. In this period we have taken more than 10,000 women through the Renewing Self program and impacted more than 30,000 through engagement in different platforms.

Improved Relationships

From feedback received over the years; intimate, platonic and professional relationships have been restored in the lives of women who have taken our programs. They are able to relate better and create necessary boundaries in all their spaces.

Women living in full expression of who they are

By eliminating fear and self-doubt, women are able to confidently live up to their potential; doing exactly what their heart desires regardless of what the society deems fit.

Women launching into their purposes

They are able to identify the reason for their existence and intentionally work towards achieving that. This brings a sense of satisfaction and self-actualization.

Cynthia Ngaira


My Alabastron journey helped me to identify the unhealthy feelings I was carrying all my life, taught me how to identify the root cause of these feelings and equipped me with tools on how to deal with them.

Suzanne Nyakirugumi

Season #41

As I went on with the Alabastron program, I began connecting with myself. My mistakes were no longer holding me back because I brought them to light. I had the power all along; all I needed was to let God direct my steps. I began standing up for my self more at work and with my friends.


Season #39

In Alabastron, I met me. I looked into the mirror and I could see me. I could have honest conversations with myself and even when they were not always good conversations. I could honestly tell myself ‘You messed up there’ without beating myself about it. I learnt to be kind to myself.

Tina Owuor

Season #40

Alabastron opened my eyes to my self-defeating patterns. I am now more self-aware. I have been able to take off the behaviors and patterns that kept me hooked to my self-tripping habit...

Voices of Transformation

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Season #30


Bevaline Ombeva

Season #20



Season #40