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As I created this content, I contemplated upon the celebration of Mashujaa (Heroes Day in English) day in Kenya. Two days ago, people from all walks in Kenya celebrated Mashujaa Day. As Kenyans, we commemorate the lives of the people who showed bravery and boldness in fighting for the freedom of the nation of Kenya. As we launch BINAFSI Issue 10 we would love to celebrate you our subscriber because of ensuring you’ve taken the time to fight for the life you belief you are destined to live through the BINAFSI time you create weekly. So,

Welcome on board our Shujaa!!

One of the international athlete to be reckoned with, Eliud Kipchoge, demonstrated bravery and boldness during the INEOS 1:59 challenge. What a challenge! During one of our meeting at the office, Laimani Bidali shared how much this challenge must inspire all of to call us to level upwards in life. She shared that understanding that we need pacesetters in life is one thing. But, believing in ourselves, working on ourselves and taking a personal initiative so that you can be a pacesetter who can be counted on by other people such as mentees, mothers, friends, leaders is a challenge each of us as heroines should pursue in life.

This same lesson will anchor us today as we check on various ways of ensuring we can be in this pursuit in our wellbeing. This is well expounded on in the Get This Section and on Teach Us Something where we get to understand some of the natural remedies to being physically healthy. Below is Ivy’s story on how she is challenging her own limitations and is in a continuous journey of pursuing the life she believes she deserves.

I Am in Pursuit of a Limitless Life!!

- Ivy Mkahe Season 40

What would you do if a relationship you had depended on for a decade ended? How would you deal with a situation that tests your limits? At Alabastron I faced myself and how I had been living life and now I am in pursuit of living a limitless life.

I had known about Alabastron years ago when my aunt did Renewing Self season 3. I was quite young then and didn't think much about it. Years later I mentioned it to a good friend of mine. She went ahead and did it. She would prompt me to take the program, but I always had an excuse not to. Deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to do it, but it took me awhile to make the step. I admired the peace Mwende had, and having hit rock bottom, I decided to give it a shot. Furthermore, Mwende believed it would help me and that's all it took. God bless her soul!!

Recently I was lost. I was battling an autoimmune condition (Fibromyalgia), and just ended a 10 year relationship. I felt like I was broken physically, mentally and emotionally and there wasn't anything I could do.

Recently I was lost. I was battling an autoimmune condition (Fibromyalgia), and just ended a 10 year relationship. I felt like I was broken physically, mentally and emotionally and there wasn't anything I could do. With my health deteriorating and my heart broken, I had lost all zeal for life and merely existed. Honestly, I was just SO TIRED!! Ouch!

I didn't care at all about anything. I would stay in bed in pain physically, but crying loads as I felt like such a failure. All my dreams and ambitions were somewhere. I couldn't even pin point where. I'd felt like so much of wanted to achieve by a certain age in my life. Yet, it was not the case! I lost loads of friends, stopped working and all I wanted was to be left alone. My drive for my businesses was gone. Looking back I felt wasted, like I gave so much love to others and was left dry.


Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being
- J. Stanford

In this issue of ‘Get This’ we look at this quote by J Stanford, that is addressing the fact that wellness speaks not only to our physical state of being, but also to our mental state of being too.

It was at Alabastron that I first heard Laimani Bidali, the chief coach make the profound connection when she said, ‘Our bodies don’t hide our issues and secrets well.’ It took me a while to understand this statement but over time I have come to see the truth of this. Have you ever had that headache that just won’t go away no matter how much paracetamol you take? Or you are just so stuffy and clogged up but the flu meds just don’t seem to work yet what the doctor’s orders is lots of rest and lots of water.

Think about it, our physical health has on many occasions been affected by our state of mental wellness. We all know of situations where people have not been fully present in their own lives and we were involved in an accident at home, at work or on the road. We also know of incidences where levels of stress manifested into a physical disease that now needs medicines to treat. We also know that the mental wellbeing when not taken care of can lead us to addiction issues such as alcoholism or overeating or under eating, or compulsive disorders and can even lead to physical violence towards our loved ones; all of which then have dire consequences in our lives and to those that we love. In this journey of life as we learn to honour ourselves and honour our bodies by being healthier, let us also give our wellness and our wellbeing the consideration that it deserves and seriously pay attention to the impact it has on our physical health too.

I Am in Pursuit of a Limitless Life!!
All I longed for was peace. Inner peace. I was hungry for it. I was also in search of happiness and joy from either of the solutions I tried day in day out.
Ivy shares her quest for inner peace
Welcome home
Today on Teach us Something; Catherine Kabaki, share on how coconut oil is a natural cleanser.
Coconut oil is fantastic for washing your face using the oil cleansing method because it is full of antioxidants, and super moisturizing, it also has been shown to work well for all skin types. Coconut oil may help improve stretch marks, scars, and fine lines and wrinkles. Important Note: Use Organic, natural coconut oil which means, use only what is safe to cook with.
Step 1: Put Coconut into the palm of your hand
Step 2: Warm the oil up in your hands by rubbing your hands back and forth
Step 3: Gently massage the oil into your face using small, circular strokes for 1 minute
Step 4: Rinse a washcloth under very warm water, wring out the excess water, and let the cloth sit on your face for 30 seconds
Step 5: Gently wipe the oil off of your face with cotton wool and look with amazement the impurities that have come up to the surface
Step 6: Repeat step 4 and step 5 if necessary
Step 7:Admire your clean and moisturized face in the mirror

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