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Welcome to Binafsi issue 11.

One of the greatest fulfillments a person can ever achieve in life is the dignity of one’s own labor. The truth is each of us has value to offer. This value flows seamlessly from us once we discover our uniqueness. This uniqueness matches with how God wired us when He created us.

Growing up we enjoyed and loved things just as we were. We would feel connected to some things while others were spaces we could not connect with. One of the questions to answer during this issue of Binafsi is;

During which activity do I feel most alive?

This way you are able to understand yourself. The first five activities are the ones you should prioritize as leading a purpose driven life can be equated to leading a life you are fully aware of your heart’s longing, desires and actively pursuing them.

These are the kind of goals then determine to engage in them each day. This way your life is driven purposefully in an awakened way whereby you experience life alive!

In the next section, Mary, shares how her story of reuniting back to her career has led her to see life differently. Also, learn how you can reuse tissue rolls as curtain holders on Teach us Something.

The Wait Finally Paid Off

“I am excited to inform you that I have been called to two interviews already” It was a cause for celebration in the whole office when I received a text that one of the participants now a friend was called for an Interview barely two weeks after our interaction.

The year is almost coming to a close. We often pass off New Year’s resolutions as a joke but as time passes and we feel like we have nothing to show. Honestly, it hurts!! I was having a conversation with my cousin as we reminisced over the past year and she said -seemed like she whispered because I felt the same way. “It is almost the end of the year and I feel like I haven’t done anything with my life.”

What happens to us when we feel like we have waited far too long and nothing seems to change. Today however Mary shares her story...

I was working as a clerk in a hospital in Eldoret for six years. My husband at the time was working in Nairobi when we got married. The travelling costs became expensive as I had to travel to and fro to visit.

I decided to resign and relocate to Nairobi. A decision that was difficult to make at the time and one I had to run over my mind a few times. The plan was that I would look for another job back in the city.


Life is a reality to be experienced. Choose to experience it alive! Be present, take time to process your life, take time to note down what makes you happy, sad, anxious, and hopeful. Dwell on activities that shape you to become the best version of yourself. Feel life in your lungs, veins and nerves. Endeavor to have relationships that let you breathe life into your experience of life. These relationships make you vulnerable yet safe, loved, accepted and authentic.

What if a challenge happens, like Mary, where do you get the strength to face it in boldness and bravery?

Surely, life will always have its shares of pain, frustrations and sufferings. However, we must always let these challenges infuse in us the determination to face each day with the hope to experience life alive! On common nature with most of heros and heroins we celebrate is that they had the determination to overcome challenges. Mary’s strength to life live awakened was triggered from the Almah Interview Ready Program where she was able to overcome the challenge she faced. Take this chance to see what can stir you to become better.

The Wait Finally Paid Off
What happens to us when we feel like we have waited far too long and nothing seems to change.
Today however Mary shares her story...
Interview Ready
Ladies, today we will learn a simple Do It Yourself Life Hack. This is because all of in our house have tissue rolls. Mostly, we discard them off once the tissue is over. The tissue rolls can be used to elegantly make the curtains in your living room, bed room or even kitchen nicely organized. Instead of throwing it away, did you know you can use it to roll upwards in a circular manner the curtains? Now you know.

To give feedback on any life hack or to share one with us email us on binafsi@alabastron.org

Thank you for all who have given us feedback so far, we want to hear from you! Send us your comments on binafsi@alabastron.org we would love to hear what you are enjoying and what you would like to see more of and see you next Tuesday for some more Binafsi time!
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