Just like a baby learning how to walk on their own, to stand on their own two feet, so is a girl transitioning into adulthood between the ages between 19-24. These are the first six years into adulthood which determine the direction the future of any girl may take. Thus, the environment that influences her decision if not conducive, may lead to a life long heart ache.

Usually, since these young adults are transitioning into life, they end up encountering many conflicts of interest with their guardians and mentors. In this stage if we can all be honest with ourselves; we were very clear about what we wanted and what we could become. This dilemma is not different even today. The challenge of charting a path towards what we believe we can be still remains.

During this stage, you were able to learn, unlearn and relearn the principles, beliefs and convictions that shape a life that is progressive and purposeful.



For the young adult

She is confused and lost at bearing the weight of having to live life in her own terms, though excited about the freedom of being a citizen at 18 (age of adulthood is based on her country), she still feels uncertain and maybe vulnerable at mastering the art of being an adult. Her worry is whether she is getting it right or not, with the only comparison of what is right, achievable or attainable being that of her peers, celebrities or public figures. Deep down she knows who she can become. Yet she hasn’t developed the muscle, attributes and attitudes of grasping this mega vision she has for herself.

For a parent/guardian of a young adult

You may be worried about how your daughter will turn out, who she decides to be while with her friends, what she worries about, what she chooses to focus on and who she hopes to become.


Alabastron's commitment to enable each woman to continuously improve her experience of life outcomes with a wealth of experience in interacting with women to understand their emotions, mind and will. This position held by our organization is one that is like a bridge between the young adult and the woman who she believes she can be. We have intentionally developed a program that will enable this young adult to develop her muscles, attributes, attitudes and build the capacity within herself to launch into her twenties and life in general purposefully and progressively.


  • DATE: 8THJULY 2020
  • Tweniz Kit – Ksh 3500
  • Tweniz ONLINE Coaching - Ksh 9500


Are you a young adult?
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  • 8THJULY 2020

Tweniz Kit

Ksh 3500

Tweniz ONLINE Coaching

Ksh 9500


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