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Our hearts ache for your wholeness. Yes, it is true. The purpose of our work; the heart of everything we do is to have women who are whole in Africa and beyond! Women who are whole we believe are significant and authentic. This kind of a woman radiates a unique energy. They can be likened to a gulf channeled in the Dead Sea yet they never die. No, I don’t mean physical death. I mean their souls are full of life and fireworks. A gulf is a large inlet from the ocean to the land masses. You see, unlike the water in the Dead Sea that is salty and cannot hold life in it. A gulf is full of fresh water. Its water is uncontaminated. Experiencing it is refreshing, inspiring and life giving! And just like that gulf, so is a whole woman.

Would you want to be this kind of a woman? Do you know of a woman who would want to become whole? Then Alabastron Open Day is the place to be. It is where you will begin the journey to wholeness as we get refreshed by stories of women who have completed their journey of wholeness! So have you confirmed your slot for the FREE OPEN DAY?

Also, don’t forget to get all the juices inside this fifth issue of BINAFSI. Today, Emily Omondi shares her journey to wholeness. And get some nuggets of wisdom from GET THIS section and TEACH US SOMETHING!

A Crown of Wholeness!!

Emily Omondi (Season 39)

Have you ever been caught up with the usual activities in your life? You know, getting up, bathing, getting dressed, preparing the children, and then showing up at work because you have to! Well, that was me doing life beaten up; sinking every moment yet constantly smiling telling myself everything is ok until I did Alabastron.

One normal morning, late last year after arriving at work, my boss who is also a friend mentioned Alabastron to me. God surely bless her soul!!

“I think you need Alabastron.” Trizah said.

I honestly did not hear her well, I heard something like Alabaster. I didn’t care!! Later on, I grew interest and searched for the organization on internet. I researched everything I could get a hold of. Social media, the website and even You Tube. I resolved to attend the Alabastron Open Day then broke the news to Trizah

“By the way I attended the Open Day.” I mentioned swiftly.

To my surprise, she sent me money for registration and even paid the full amount for me!! I had been going through a series of depression and emotional abuse. This showed up at my work. I would always say yes to everything and get an outburst. One day I stormed a manager’s office unaware I was angry, he request if I can do breathing exercises. Most of my close friends could easily tell I was not ok. But what hit me hard was a question from my six year old son.

“Mum, are you ok? Do you have a problem?” He questioned me. I was negative in life such that I had an internal negative dialogue that made me miss opportunities right

“Mum, are you ok? Do you have a problem?” He questioned me.

I remember these words vividly. That day I had dressed them up school uniform instead of sportswear as it was a sports day. And, I had lost the house keys. That is the day I made a resolve to get Emily back from whatever was draining her! I decided I must get better!!


Just like Emily Omondi has shared, her quest to become whole began when she felt that she needed to be free from the situations she was facing. This means that deep down she knew something was not right. She took it upon herself to become a woman who is willing to pay the price and become whole. This is the attitude it takes to know inner peace, wholeness and significance. Alabastron gives an opportunity to all women to tap into this kind of energy through the tools she is equipped with life- long tools in the Renewing Self Program.

This is your opportunity to tap into the energy that keeps you eager about your next level in life once you have taken the journey to becoming whole. Will you take the chance?

A Crown of Wholeness!!
What does it take to get that inner peace, wholeness and significance. Emily Omondi shares how at last she could free herself from situations that made her stuck through life-long tools she was equipped with in the Alabastron Renewing Self Program
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Today, Catherine Kabaki, shares on the natural remedy of having a nice-smelling house all the time despite the food you’ve cooked.
So for instance ladies, have you ever had a huge cooking for guests, or cooked a pungent smelling snack that you’d love to surprise a love one with? No worries, you can surprise this person and keep the quests guessing whenever they visit.
So here’s what you do.
As soon as you’ve cooked the meal or snack, boil a herb of your choice. It saturates the humid making it smell fresh and cool! I like vanilla essence, try it and tell me your results.

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