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The past week Alabastron has interacted with the core reason it exists, women. Did you attend the Open Day? If yes, the testimonials must have inspired you I believe. If no, I would love to share some of the highlights we had at the Open Day.

Laimani Bidali, the founder of Alabastron, carefully explained to us the mission and vision of Alabastron. Speaking about Alabastron, she engaged us and shared that Alabastron is an actual place where Alabaster jars are crafted. She explained what an Alabaster jar is then later invited the ladies to shares their journeys from Ashes to Beauty.

Some of the highlights I picked to share with you are ;-

“I have been living life but moving forward After Alabastron I feel like I have just started living.” ~ Patricia

“I have the courage to walk with my son who is depressed.” ~ Patricia

“I spent money everywhere else and I decided to take my shot at Alabastron. Surely, it has been a life –changing experience.”~ Mercy

“I am glad to hear my mother for the first time call me ‘my daughter’.” ~Maureen

These words stood out for me. They are expressions of how the 12 weeks journey transforms Ashes into Beauty.

So, ladies, just like Laimani reminded us about the Alabaster jars. How we’ve broken it in various spaces in life, pouring its content generously hoping to be accepted, loved and significant. Yet this sacrifice has not been received with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. Alabastron helps women heal from this brokenness. Alabastron may not return to you the content of the Alabaster jar you broke but we will guide you on how to rise from the regrets and hurt to the Beauty you desire during the Renewing Self Program which begins with an Orientation Class on Saturday 5th October 2019 at Kileleshwa Othaya Road gate 29. To book a slot click HERE.

A Crown of Clarity on How to Do Life

Susane Awour (Season 39)

Have you ever followed a certain script in life convinced that you are on the right track not knowing that you could have much better in life than just a script? I was that woman who followed a script in life. I never knew any better.

I learned about Alabastron from a neighbor. I was eager to help my sister who I felt was struggling with relationships around work, friends and family. However, when I shared this situation with my neighbor, she suggested Alabastron. Fortunately, when I goggled it, I realized that the organization had an Open Day in two weeks time. So, I resolved to accompany my sister.

During the Open Day, I could see myself being described by Laimani Bidali. This Open day led to my decision to take the program. I realized that I had been following the societal life cycle of a woman. Later on a friend who had attended the Open Day encouraged me to take the program as I did not have to be facing an issue to the program.

During the Open Day, I could see myself being described by Laimani Bidali. This Open day led to my decision to take the program. I realized that I had been following the societal life cycle of a woman.

I chose to take the program because I felt I had achieved all the things that were meant to fulfill me yet I was feeling discontentment, purposelessness and emptiness. Also, I felt hurt but I could not back trace what or who hurt me. During the program, I got more than the expected! The process was very important and involving WOW!


Laimani during the Open Day shared that every women need to find a way to grown besides their families especially children. This means that women need to align themselves with activities that allow them to grow alongside their families. This way they are full of themselves so that they are able to show up in different spaces in wholeness and security. Let me suggest that, this journey can only begin by prioritizing yourself on your to-do list. So that on your list of dos, you have one activity to improve and grow yourself towards the future you see for yourself.

A Crown of Clarity on How to Do Life
Learn how to grow besides not last in life from women who took the Renewing Self Program. In this issue Susane Awour as she shares how this program helped her show up wholly in her family.
Orientation Class
Today on Teach Us Something; we learn on how to maintain a smooth skin on our feet. Cathrine Kabaki shares an easy life hack on ensuring you have smooth feet that are amazing in open shoes.
She says that before scrubbing your feet soaking them in hot water and one spoon of listening liquid softens the dead skin on the feet that it pills off leaving your feet smooth and clean. Try it today and share your results and a unique life hack on binafsi@alabastron.org

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