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Karibu Binafsi!!

The Alabastron team, is so excited to introduce to you Binafsi, which when you subscribe to, will come directly to your inbox weekly and will feature an array of inspirational stories and updates as we seek to articulate the ‘Inner Desires of a Woman’s Soul’

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Now, when you hear the word Binafsi, what definition stands out for you?

We were pleasantly surprised to be reminded by Laimani Bidali, that the word Binafsi means ‘Self’. We were equally pleased to find out that the word Nafsi means ‘Soul’.

On this first issue, Binafsi is keen on enabling you, our reader, to consciously look inwards and understand your internal landscape


What makes us angry, anxious, bitter, resentful, scared, timid, jealous and fearful is something ‘out there’

We have all sometimes made the mistake of believing that what makes us angry, anxious, bitter, resentful, scared, timid, jealous and fearful is something ‘out there’. But in reality, the outside environment is only a trigger of the emotions we feel. Hollies, (1991) illustrates how that as long as we wait to find the answers of our inner pain outside of ourselves; we will wait forever! In her book, healing for broken vessels, she shows that one of the most important steps into inner healing is looking inwards.

Of course, looking inwards is a hard pill to swallow especially when looking for someone to blame. Yet, unless you master the art of internal awareness meaning that you are capable of understanding your internal landscape then you will never ever have full control of your life. Tina shares how the desire to become a better woman and understanding who she really is fueled her towards taking the Marathon class of Renewing Self that runs for ONLY TWO WEEKS. It is tailor- made to facilitate a busy woman whose life revolves around many activities that are dependent on her.

A Guided Journey of Introspection Has Left Me A Better Person

I took the marathon class with a goal to become a better person specifically career wise. I was looking forward to begin the journey because I couldn’t wait for the outcome!! The classes were daily so I had no opportunity to short change myself by procrastinating. I have always had an inspiration of living a life of greatness. This opportunity for me was one that would lead me to this life.

I resolved to show up for my classes fully; physically, emotionally and mentally. Each day I learned a new thing about my life. I also had a sense of self awareness that I would easily point out the behaviors, actions and decisions that made me trip and stuck in life. For once in my life, I looked into the mirror and faced my own demons bravely.

Yes, I must agree, it was challenging. Looking inside myself and addressing some of my most painful experiences in my life!! WOW! That was deep and exposing.

Yes, I must agree, it was challenging. Looking inside myself and address some of my most painful experiences in my life!! WOW! That was deep and exposing.

This journey brought to my attention the many times I have let myself down!! It also dawned on me after all the years that I had lived, I really never knew myself! My real authentic self, I had never met this woman. All my life, I had just perfected what I had believed I should be at the cost of who I really am deep down.

This process has left me a different person. I love the person who I have become. Alabastron has taught me to always introspect. These moments for me have let me embody a mentality and self-esteem that I didn’t have. As opposed to the past, I always feel calm in the midst of adversity and life challenges. Now, I know my worth and I don’t have to wear a mask to hide my true self. I have become a phenomenal woman.

Occasionally, I take stock of my entire being. I am able to let attention inward so that I can have a different outlook of things. I have taught myself to never suppress negative emotions but rather allow myself to feel them as I confront all situations immediately in a healthy manner.


Iyanla Vanzat is one of the most inspiring women in media I have watched on the internet. Her passion to give life to any broken human comes to life in all her production work. She carries this gift of always seeing beyond the hurt of people then guiding them to become whole humans.

I watch her content online because of the richness in quality of what she does for every family she interacts with. She is always ready coach them out of the pain that seem like an uphill task and a blockage in life. The most similar thing in all her videos is that all people who come to her always have to face their deepest pain, darkness, hurt so that they end up whole and significant determined to face life with a fresh energy and start.

The most vital thing to note about this process is that it is guided and in a safe place. Alabastron offers every woman an opportunity to overcome her own darkness so that she can experience life significantly. This is exactly why we cannot agree any further with Iyanla when she says;

Is Your Problem Really out There?
How much longer can we continue to say, what makes us angry, anxious, bitter, resentful, scared, timid, jealous and fearful is something ‘out there’. When will you make the decision like Tina
Alabastron designed the Marathon Program for a woman who has a busy and tight schedule. This woman is not available in Nairobi town for a long period of time.
On Teach Us Something, today we have Catherine Kabaki who shares with us her life hack which is the secret of keeping your house off ants!!
“Do not use strong pesticides or chemicals that keeps your loved one in danger!! Follow these two simple steps and say HELLO to an an-free home.”
  1. Peel Cucumber and keep the peels safely
  2. Put Cucumber peels everywhere there is an ant manifestation in your home.
Ants hate cucumber so they will keep off the peels! Try it at home and thank me later! You can always give us your life hack on this section by emailing us on binafsi@alabastron.org.

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