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What women who have done alabastron have to say

They Called Me A Serial Dater...

I learnt about Alabastron for the first time a couple of years back but never really bothered to know the details. Fast forward to last year, my friend, who has been a strong advocate of the program in our group of friends, finally convinced me. I attended the open day and I knew I had to sign up there and then.

My friend had said it will help me rediscover myself, bounce back, deal with issues and situations I have been avoiding but needed to address.

At first I thought it was a place for counseling women with a-trailer-load of issues. I knew I needed help but I did not think my issues were at Alabastron level. LOL.

In the past two years I had been jumping from ‘relationship’ to ‘relationship’. I had had about 8 short relationships in two years. [...]

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Issues??? Yes? No? Mhhh!!! A roller coaster of emotions...

How / when did you learn / hear about Alabastron?

I first heard about Alabastron from a friend of mine in June 2016. I had never heard of it through the television or online like most. I believe it was not my time, but when l was told about it, at that point in my life, l was ready to try anything to get unstuck.

How (who) many people had told you by the time you made up your mind to enroll?

I heard about Alabastron from my friend Faith (who has not done the program). I mentioned it to my mother who had been told so much about [...]

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The marathon was the only option for me because I never have time

Alabastron was always on my to do list. I got to learn of the Alabastron 2 Weeks Marathon from the website though I had known about Alabastron for quite some time.

A girl friend of mine who we did Mizizi (a discipleship program) together did the Alabastron Regular and interested me.
My husband and I had a long discussion about some things that were not really working in my life and [...]

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It was 'do or die' for me

I now know why I want to get married!

I had known Alabastron for a while before I enrolled. I had combed the website and I knew what it entailed. I called the Alabastron office in September 2015 with the aim of enrolling for the class that was to start in October 2015. I didn't talk to family or friends about it. Before long, I started giving excuses as to why I couldn't attend the class. The biggest excuse was that I lived out of Nairobi. The office called to confirm my attendance and I told them I was not coming. They gave me options but I still refused.

In December 2015, it was so clear that if I didn't enroll for the January class, I would


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