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What women who have done alabastron have to say

I Am Being the Woman I Always Dreamt of Becoming!

Have you ever longed to interact with an organization that impacts your life differently and leaves a mark in your life? Do you still believe in organizations that are keen on influencing the character and the career of an individual in tandem? Alabastron is one of these organizations.

I heard about Alabastron on Television from a program on a local channel. I enjoyed the show and was inspired to learn more about the organization. Later, I searched for the organization on social media and interacted with their website. On learning about their work, I was motivated and hoped to work with them.

One day, when I surfing the internet, I happen to learn about an internship opportunity at Alabastron. I applied for the opportunity. A month or so later, I had been interviewed and began working at Alabastron. When I joined Alabastron, I was excited about my work because I have a passion for women and my work. [...]

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I Have Stripped! I Have Embraced My Future!

What do you do on your darkest days? How do you view life? How is your inward environment? What do you do when you are tired of losing to life?

I was broken when I learnt about Alabastron. My mother and my cousin told me about it. My cousin was supportive and encouraging to say the least. She promised me if I was interested, she was willing to pay for me. I was in bad shape!!

“This is a life changing program. It was a turning point for me in my life. This program enabled me to look into my life and most of my underlying issues I had been avoiding.” My cousin revealed. With this kind of reference, I wouldn’t avoid taking the program. Anyhow, she was willing to pay for me. I had nothing to lose!

I was heavily pregnant with my second baby. I had not yet graduated. I lost my job since the organization down sized. To make things worse, the father of my children disappeared on me. This disappointment was evident in my parents. They opted to throw me out of the house for getting pregnant. Wow!! [...]

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I Found My True Worth

Have you ever been on the cross roads in life? Have you ever felt lost in the valley of decisions? Has life ever seemed like a car at the road about ready to take the next turn, yet insecure about any turn? Alabastron helped me strip away my past and arrive at a fulfilling decision.

I learnt about Alabastron in 2018 through my sister. She heard about it five years ago or so. She didn't take serious interest in it. After sharing with her what I was going through, she said.

“Alabastron has facilitated many women to go through different life challenges and come out strong. Women with similar stress as yours have gone through the program and their lives have completely transformed”

This confession created a lot of curiosity within me. I thought it was a counseling forum where a group of women share their struggles and problems then pray for one another. But WOW!! That wasn’t it at all!!

At the moment, I felt lost in a valley of decisions. On one hand, I was dealing with pain from a man in my life. He appeared to be present but in actual sense he absent. At the same time, I had a nine months old baby who I did not want to expose to the stress I was going through. On the other hand, I wanted to move on. I had come to terms with the fact that the father of my son was not ready to have us as part of his life. To top it up, I had financial stress. My job was not well paying. The thought of having a nanny take care of my son could not add up. Oooh No


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I Built My Soul

How do you deal with negative emotions? What are some of the healthy ways of releasing negative emotions? What are the effects of negative emotions on the soul? These questions were answered when I did Alabastron.

One day in 2011 while talking with a friend, she mentioned Alabastron. During this time, I lost my mother to cancer. It was painful! My mother’s death left a deep void within me. This led me to make drastic changes in my life. I cut my hair. I shifted my career. I even lost contacts with some of my friends. At this point, my siblings though I was going mad. Nevertheless, they supported me.

One and half years later, I was back in Kenya after my graduation. This was a fresh start for me. I set out on another unpredictable journey of navigating Kenya as an adult. This came with its challenges but my friends were my safe haven. One friend allowed me to live with her. Another helped me secure a job opportunity.

Right after the peaceful transitioning, grief came knocking again. I experienced the loss of the father figures in my life. I thought I was ‘ok’. I believed having experienced the worst grief from the loss of my mother. I will somewhat manage through it this time. [...]

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I am at Peace Knowing That I am Not Perfect

Growing up we all had varying dreams. We hoped to achieve these dreams badly so that we would be significant. I am speaking about the dream of getting an excellent grade to get into a great high school, then get an outstanding grade to go to campus, afterwards get an amazing job which is followed by getting married and living happily ever after! The society dangled this carrot in our face for acceptance and approval. Predictably, just like a hungry helpless rabbit, we did everything we could to get the carrot. I tirelessly worked to please the society by ticking all these goals so that I could be perfect for the society yet I felt hate towards the same people and disgust towards myself. Alabastron made me connect with the peace that comes with knowing I am not perfect.

I first heard about Alabastron from a colleague at work. Later, I skimmed through the website and I wanted in. So, I signed up for Season 36 that had already began at the time.

"I found peace," my colleague assured me.

I hopped into the class blank, clueless, and unprepared. I was bitter towards life and people in my life. I was drowning with the feelings of I am not Good Enough in my work, relationships and even school. The after effects were evident in my performance. [...]

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