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What women who have done alabastron have to say

My Life Was Spinning In Circles

Before I did the Renewing Self Program of Alabastron, I felt like my life was spinning round in circles. I had the same feeling of why am I doing this? every morning I woke up and went to work. I sat angry in traffic. I only went to work because bills needed to be paid for anyway. I partied on the weekend and had the same hangover.

Time and again I almost swore, I have officially stopped drinking. When I got around to attending [...]

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I Was Dead But Now Am Alive

I was introduced to Alabastron by two Alumni who were younger ladies than I was, we would meet on Sunday at church. They looked at me and said, You are not the Jennifer we used to know.

They had known me years back. I had gone to further my study in Europe and came back to resourcefully give back to my beloved country but my education wasn’t materializing into a job as I had hoped. Devastated as I was, I also lost my [...]

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Two Weeks To My Wedding

I was a busy woman. I even met my husband during a work assignment. He never gave up pursuing a relationship despite my busy schedule. When my wedding was just in two weeks, I joined the Alabastron program, Renewing Self.

For me, the program was so important to me at that time because I wanted [...]

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Alabastron Network Trust is an organization that is committed to equipping women to identify their self-defeating patterns and deal with them in order to live significantly.

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