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What women who have done alabastron have to say

I Have Finally Broken My Silence! I Am Free!!

I have broken free from the guilt of the skeletons in my closet and moved forward in life.

I heard about Alabastron about five years ago. A close friend of mine had invited me to the Open Day. I felt I couldn’t afford it but I knew it is what I needed. Later I began following the program My Unspoken closely. I wished I had the courage to share my pain as I watched the women share

After carrying the weight of the decisions I had made that turned out to be mistakes, I had a longing to be free. I wanted to separate my past from the future I longed for. So, I began attending church. Unfortunately, I felt judged so I did not share my truth. I was at the lowest I have ever been in my life. Ouch! Sometimes I would catch myself thinking death would be a better option. This time I was not ready to do therapy again.

My life was stagnant. I was struggling with my social life. I was living in solace. Deep down I longed to share my truth without fear or judgment. I was feeling defeated. I began lacking confidence in myself. I was carrying guilt and shame from the decisions I had made in my life. [...]

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A Crown of a Burner That Lights the World

Have you ever suffered too much pain in your life that no cover up could hide it? Does your pain overwhelm you that you cannot escape from it? Alabastron enabled me overcome my pain and become a burner!

When my sister -in-law spoke to me about Alabastron, I was in a bad place. It was evident for her from our first interaction yet I had not interacted with her for a long time. She carefully followed up with me to take the program. She welcomed me to go for the Open Day. God bless her soul!

I vividly remember that night when she called me to request that we mentor young girls along their career path. On that night, I had separated with the father to my son. It was painful, hurtful to say the least! This pain I tried to cover up but it was greater than my cover ups.

During the Renewing Self Program, I learned about the root cause of my pain. It dawned on me since childhood I had faced emotional abuse. Unequipped to deal with it, I hid the pain. This led me to have insecurities in my life. I was insecure about my identity and about my decisions in life. This made me develop low self-esteem. [...]

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It Is Only in Alabastron Where I Found a Lasting Solution to My Problem

I was burnt out physically and emotionally when my sister shared with me about Renewing Self Program. I was constantly depressed and anxious. I was in a place where I needed a solution to this problem.

“A friend of mine who did the program completely changed.” My sister assured me. “So, she has suggested you take the program, it could be the answer you are searching for.” She concluded.

My devastation sourced from my career life. I neither loved it nor did I get the job I badly wanted. I felt unaccomplished. I kept wondering what’s wrong with my life. Then amidst all this, my brother died from an unfortunate event. His demise took a toll on everybody in our family. I moved back home to support my parents.

I did everything in my power to get a solution to fix this issue in my life. I would read articles, books, listen to podcast but they all had one similarity. They surely pointed out my issue but never had a lasting solution to it! Later, it got worse. I would either not take food for days or take too much at once. This led me to begin visiting the psychiatrist. Ouch!! [...]

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Only in Alabastron Where I Tapped into My Authentic Self and Came Alive

One of the core human need is security. In each engagement an individual has in life, this need can either be met or denied. Once this need is met then a human being feels safe and fulfilled. The lack of it however leads to discomfort and uncertainty in life. For some it causes confusion, withdrawal and lack of self-motivation. Tina's story of Alabastron was not any different because she found her job a security thus its lack therefore left her scared to face life.

“I would not stand the thought of being out of work.” Tina reveals. When my contract ended in April 2019, I was lost, anxious and confused. One day as I was having tea with my neighbor, she mentioned Alabastron. After the sharing we had. I thought it was a nice idea that I take the program.

I chose to attend the marathon class because I had time and I was eager to reinvent myself. I am a Christian. I read the Bible and listen to summons online. I also read a lot of Christian books and self-help books. My struggle about my worth has been real despite these self-prescriptions I had on myself. This deep rooted belief was so evident in my life such that if something good happened to me, I would intentionally sell myself short. [...]

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It Is Only in Alabastron Where I Got Clarity and Found Myself.

It is only in Alabastron where I got clarity and found myself.

Has your life ever looked like you are stuck in a circle? Always in circles heading nowhere? This was my life when I Joined Alabastron where I found myself and led me to move forward.

My elder sister has always got my back! Way since I can remember she always has my back. Thanks God for her! She is the one who introduced me to Alabastron. She invited to attend the first class of Alabastron to evaluate if I would like to engage in the class. After the class I was sure I need to do the program because I was going through a rough patch in my life.

I had just moved to Nairobi after experiencing frustration in my career and in my relationship with the father of my child. After the birth of my daughter, things were never the same. Not once, did I get betrayed, lied to and used. One of the most painful instances was when he decided that he would move near where I lived so that he would have a relationship with his daughter. In a bid to facilitate his decision, he borrowed money from me to help out in settling then he promised he would pay it back in due course. [...]

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