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What women who have done alabastron have to say

I Don't Need Any One To Sort Out My Life!!!

I heard about Alabastron through My colleague at the office but also had seen the program on TV some years back and I really liked it and wished I was the one up there. For many years I was battling with, rejection, unforgiveness and over the years have read many books I have volumes of them on forgiving and loving again, healing emotional, damaged heart, your rejection is showing up and many more but nothing worked, I have even gone to a counselor but I still go back to the old self.

Having been rejected by 3 men at the point where the relationship is grown and almost getting married, having a mother that I was not getting along for many years, losing a job and had to discontinue school because of that and just a few months before I joined the class, dealing with a divorce it was too much weight on my shoulders. This made me bitter, angry to self and others, and I even started drinking alcohol secretly and dating a non-Christian (yet I was a believer) even before the divorce was over. [...]

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For The First Time In My Life I Felt Free, Liberated...

Early this year, I decided to work on myself. I was tired of feeling tired and empty inside. I wanted to make sense out of my life. I had a very negative outlook towards life and my life was mainly driven by fear. All the decisions and actions I took were driven by all kinds of fear. I had read so many self-help books on how to transform one's life but I never felt the impact they had in my life. I knew something was amiss but I did not know what it was and how to address it.

I had heard of Alabastron some years back through ‘My unspoken’ a TV program which aired on one of the local TV stations in 2013. I never really got to follow the production but it got me curious. I then started my search on Google about Alabastron and read any article I could lay my hands on regarding the program. I did not want to waste my time and I had always been skeptical about transformational programs.
I thought Alabastron was just one of those feel good, self-help women group meetings. But something kept on urging me to do their program. Despite my skepticism, I enquired from the team and enrolled but at the back of my mind I was telling myself I would drop out if it turned out to be what I suspected. [...]

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They Called Me A Serial Dater...

I learnt about Alabastron for the first time a couple of years back but never really bothered to know the details. Fast forward to last year, my friend, who has been a strong advocate of the program in our group of friends, finally convinced me. I attended the open day and I knew I had to sign up there and then.

My friend had said it will help me rediscover myself, bounce back, deal with issues and situations I have been avoiding but needed to address.

At first I thought it was a place for counseling women with a-trailer-load of issues. I knew I needed help but I did not think my issues were at Alabastron level. LOL.

In the past two years I had been jumping from ‘relationship’ to ‘relationship’. I had had about 8 short relationships in two years. [...]

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Issues??? Yes? No? Mhhh!!! A roller coaster of emotions...

How / when did you learn / hear about Alabastron?

I first heard about Alabastron from a friend of mine in June 2016. I had never heard of it through the television or online like most. I believe it was not my time, but when l was told about it, at that point in my life, l was ready to try anything to get unstuck.

How (who) many people had told you by the time you made up your mind to enroll?

I heard about Alabastron from my friend Faith (who has not done the program). I mentioned it to my mother who had been told so much about [...]

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