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I Have Transformed into a Beautiful Butterfly!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you wonder if you’ll ever get the strength to move on? Then a transformation happens to you giving you a new lease in life? This is the experience I had through my Renewing Self journey. It has been a journey of transformation from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly!

I first heard about Alabastron five years ago through a friend of mine. I even attended three open days. Yes, you heard me correctly! Three times! But I never felt ready for the program. Things changed when I met a woman in a counseling class I was pursuing.

She was always calm, well composed, and very assertive. When I reached out to her, she told me that she had taken an amazing program called Alabastron. She said, “If you attend the program, your life will never be the same again.” “All you admire in me is as a result of Alabastron.” She said confidently. [...]

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Enough was enough!

Have you ever taken a journey that takes you to the deepest part of your soul? That is what Renewing Self has been for me. It has been a personal and unique journey for me!

I vividly remember the day Laimani came to speak about Alabastron at our church. It was my first time to hear about the program.

I heard about it again from my life group members. They said it touched on issues of the soul. What finally convinced me was when a close friend of mine did the program and what she said about it made me believe what I had heard about Alabastron. She urged me to do it saying it’s an experience I have to go through myself! That was a sure vote of confidence! [...]

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When the Hunter Became the Hunted!

Have you heard the phrase “the hunter became the hunted”? That’s my Alabastron story. I always knew I was okay, just minor issues here and there. So when my sister in-law told me about Alabastron I thought about my sister and I knew this program would sort her. In my head, I was seeking help for her. Lo and behold! I was the one who needed ‘sorting’! Everything at the Open Day resonated with what I was going through!

At that time, I was in a lot of emotional and psychological pain. I was angry at myself, people around me, my spouse and even God. I felt misunderstood, judged, guilty, lonely, insignificant, unnoticed, unwanted, unworthy and unloved. I had no self-identity. In fact, I had even stopped looking at myself in the mirror! I was honestly looking for an end to my pain. I even had suicidal thoughts.

I remember my spiritual mentor telling me one day that he had seen me being eulogized in my own burial! Talk about a dead woman walking! This was a confirmation to me that I was just awaiting physical death. All this while, few people, if any noticed that I was struggling. [...]

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I Have Come To A Place Of Beauty And Peace!

Who goes on live TV to air their dirty linen?! That was the question on my mind when I heard Laimani speaking on TV about My Unspoken. I was very curious about which woman would go on such a show! We all have issues but sharing them on TV!!! That was a definite NO for me!

That was my first encounter with Alabastron many years ago. I had confused My Unspoken TV Show for Alabastron. Alabastron is a safe, private space for women where they can move from stuck to significance.

Despite achieving everything society expected me to achieve at my age, I was not happy. I had been divorced for about two years and I seemed not to be able to move from that space! I was stuck! Life did not make sense anymore. I felt like a failure!

I heard about it again from my aunt Beatrice, who was a guide at Alabastron for many years. She got my curiosity rekindled. She made me come for two open days before I was ready to commit to the program! She told me it would help me prioritize my life and help me get my identity back. At that point all I thought was Alabastron was a place for "older women with problems”. [...]

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Are you escorted to sleep?

What is the measure of success in life? What does success mean to you? Would you recognize success when you encounter it? This is a question that I struggled with.

We are all born into a world where we have a “to-do” list that is prewritten for us. The goals on this list, we are told, should help us find meaning in life. The society labels these goals in form of education, employment, marriage or even the amount of wealth one has accumulated within a given period! Unfortunately, when an individual is unable to fulfill these goals, they are labeled failures in life.

Despite achieving everything society expected me to achieve at my age, I was not happy. I had been divorced for about two years and I seemed not to be able to move from that space! I was stuck! Life did not make sense anymore. I felt like a failure!


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