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What women who have done alabastron have to say

I Built My Soul

How do you deal with negative emotions? What are some of the healthy ways of releasing negative emotions? What are the effects of negative emotions on the soul? These questions were answered when I did Alabastron.

One day in 2011 while talking with a friend, she mentioned Alabastron. During this time, I lost my mother to cancer. It was painful! My mother’s death left a deep void within me. This led me to make drastic changes in my life. I cut my hair. I shifted my career. I even lost contacts with some of my friends. At this point, my siblings though I was going mad. Nevertheless, they supported me.

One and half years later, I was back in Kenya after my graduation. This was a fresh start for me. I set out on another unpredictable journey of navigating Kenya as an adult. This came with its challenges but my friends were my safe haven. One friend allowed me to live with her. Another helped me secure a job opportunity.

Right after the peaceful transitioning, grief came knocking again. I experienced the loss of the father figures in my life. I thought I was ‘ok’. I believed having experienced the worst grief from the loss of my mother. I will somewhat manage through it this time. [...]

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I am at Peace Knowing That I am Not Perfect

Growing up we all had varying dreams. We hoped to achieve these dreams badly so that we would be significant. I am speaking about the dream of getting an excellent grade to get into a great high school, then get an outstanding grade to go to campus, afterwards get an amazing job which is followed by getting married and living happily ever after! The society dangled this carrot in our face for acceptance and approval. Predictably, just like a hungry helpless rabbit, we did everything we could to get the carrot. I tirelessly worked to please the society by ticking all these goals so that I could be perfect for the society yet I felt hate towards the same people and disgust towards myself. Alabastron made me connect with the peace that comes with knowing I am not perfect.

I first heard about Alabastron from a colleague at work. Later, I skimmed through the website and I wanted in. So, I signed up for Season 36 that had already began at the time.

"I found peace," my colleague assured me.

I hopped into the class blank, clueless, and unprepared. I was bitter towards life and people in my life. I was drowning with the feelings of I am not Good Enough in my work, relationships and even school. The after effects were evident in my performance. [...]

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I Am the New Girl in Town

Has an event in your life ever changed you to a point you could not know and find yourself? All you see and find is who people say you are and how they treat you. As a result, you believe them since you are blindfolded with their words and actions. Alabastron like a magnifying glass that enabled me gain clarity of who I am.

I came across Alabastron three years ago when I was surfing on the internet. I was looking for something that would sort me out because I was going through depression. I had a court case over my daughter's custody. Immediately I started following Alabastron on social media. I realized they had an Open Day and I did not hesitate!

I continued following up after the open day and attended the open classes. The classes fueled me and sparked micro energies within that made me alive! It had been such a long time since I felt alive! After this experience, I was determined to save up and join come the next season. Nothing would stop me from being alive again! [...]

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I have Redefined Myself!

Do you remember yourself as a young girl? Do you remember chasing your dreams with zeal? Do you remember how you believed in yourself? When you prioritized yourself? When you were vibrant and alive? Alabastron was the springboard that enabled me redefine myself and become the girl I once was.

I first heard about Alabastron from my boss whose advice I took seriously after she endorsed the program and requested me to take it.

For the last six years, I had a successful career. I was a perfect wife! Everyone knew we were a perfect couple! I was a perfect friend and a perfect mother of two daughters. I thought I was being at the top of my game! Oooh my! Little did I know!

Overtime, I could not strike a balance. I was lost. I did not know what was happening to me. The motions of life had taken the best part of me. I was trying to find myself but I felt stuck. [...]

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I Love the Woman I See When I Look into the Mirror!

Do you feel lost and confused? Do you feel stuck yet hope that something will happen so that you move forward? This is my Alabastron Story. Alabastron helped me move forward in life. I found and fell in love with myself!

I first heard about Alabastron through a colleague who is also a friend. Earlier this year I was going through a rough experience and she kept telling me I do not look fine. I had walked out of my marriage.

“Attend the Alabastron Open Day. It will change your life.” She promised me. I really wanted to get better.

I missed the Open Day but she approached me for the next one and I agreed to attend it. I thank God I did! In my mind, I thought it was a counseling session or mentorship. Little did I know! [...]

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