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What women who have done alabastron have to say

Bouncing Back!!!

When I started the Alabastron Renewing Self program (season 25) in October 2015 it was because my mum had told me that it would change my life and it was just what I needed to take the next major step (she had already done the program).
It wasn’t long before I realized I had made the best decision.

For a long time, since I was 17, (now I’m 22) I had struggled with major depression and had been taking antidepressants for over 3 years. The treatment wasn’t helping and I had been hospitalized over 10 times after numerous suicide attempts. I was [...]

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How I Renewed Myself

I had heard about Alabastron in 2010 from a colleague who had attended the program, I didn’t give it much thought and I wasn’t interested in it then.

Early in the year 2014 I was having challenges relating to my family and I remember how strained my relationship with my mum has always been and I didn’t want to carry that into my relationship with my daughter or my husband. It was during this season that I remembered about the Alabastron that Shiku used to talk so much about so I went [...]

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I Learnt New Words...And Yes...I Found Me!

I wake up in the morning one day and I look at myself in the mirror and that small voice inside me says, Look at you, how did you end up here, this wasn’t your life story, whose life are you living?

Another voice inside tells me, You need to get a new look sister, you need to show them you got it all sorted out! Your teeth look all rugged up, your tummy looks so wrinkled up! AAAArgh! I gotta get rid of these rugged teeth. I call up my [...]

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My Life Was Spinning In Circles

Before I did the Renewing Self Program of Alabastron, I felt like my life was spinning round in circles. I had the same feeling of why am I doing this? every morning I woke up and went to work. I sat angry in traffic. I only went to work because bills needed to be paid for anyway. I partied on the weekend and had the same hangover.

Time and again I almost swore, I have officially stopped drinking. When I got around to attending [...]

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I Was Dead But Now Am Alive

I was introduced to Alabastron by two Alumni who were younger ladies than I was, we would meet on Sunday at church. They looked at me and said, You are not the Jennifer we used to know.

They had known me years back. I had gone to further my study in Europe and came back to resourcefully give back to my beloved country but my education wasn’t materializing into a job as I had hoped. Devastated as I was, I also lost my [...]

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